Isotech ADVANCED Venus


These models will calibrate temperature probes from -45° to 250°C with unrivalled flexibility. As a traditional Dry Block,several thermometers can be quickly calibrated.

Accessories are available to convert to a stirred liquid bath,for surface sensor calibration, to calibrate infrared thermometers and even to use as an ITS-90 Fixed Point System with calibration uncertainties as small as 0.0005°C.


Venus 4951  
Temperature Range -35°C to 140°C    
Stability Dry Block/Liquid Bath: ±0.01°C, Ice Bath: ±0.001°C. BlackBody: ±0.3°C, Surface Sensor: ±0.5°C, ITS-90 Cells: ±0.0005°C "  
Display Resolution 0.001°C over full range    
Accuracy 0.15°C    
Uniformity - Between Wells Dry Block Mode (Radial) <0.008°C    
Uniformity - Lower 40mm (Axial) Dry Block Mode <0.040°C    
Uniformity - Radial Liquid Bath Mode <0.02°C    
Uniformity - Lower 40mm (Axial) As Liquid Bath <0.026°C    
Heating Time -30°C to 140°C: 15 mins    
Cooling Time 140°C to 0°C: 15 mins    
Calibration Volume 35 x 160mm    
Standard Insert 6 pockets, 2 x 4.5mm, 2 x 6.4mm, 1 x 8.0mm, 1 x 9.5mm diameter, all 157mm deep    
Insert Types Choice of 3 - see accessories    
PC Interface Ethernet - supporting software and USB Host    
Dimensions Height 335mm, Width 208mm, Depth 307mm    
Power 1500 Watts    
Voltage 115Vac or 230Vac 50/60Hz    
Weight 10.2kg    
Model Venus 4951
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