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Our Company Profile

Acez Instruments is the leading supplier of Instrumentations and Control equipment in South-East Asia region. Since our establishment in 1985, Acez has transformed into a truly recognised company with the reputation of providing quality instruments, calibration and repairing services as well as manufacturing. As an ISO 9001:200 accredited company headquartered in Singapore, we commit ourselves to bring out the very best od our quality products and services to our customers, no matter where they are. At Acez Group of Companies customer care has always been our paramount passion - the way it is measured and the way it is delivered.

Mission Statement

To provide industrial & Environmental Measurement and Control that create the basis for:
  • Assuring Quality, Reliablity and Service for our Customers
  • Creating an Empowered Team and Learning Workforce
  • Enhancing the Quality of Life for our Community
  • Zooming in on Trust in Partnerships with Suppliers, Principals, Distributors and Business Partners


To be a Reputable Industrial & Environmental Measurement and Control Organization in the Region.